Vietnam Family Home With Lush Tropical Garden


This multi generational family home was designed by idea studio plus which responds to the hot tropical climate in Vietnam. Owned by photographers, parents, and siblings, green residential consists of one floor that focuses on intergenerational connectivity to green space. Built in a narrow area measuring 7.5 meters wide and 30 meters deep, Banh Cam’s Country House has a linear layout, where lush gardens run parallel.

The wall at the entrance provides more privacy while separating the house from the closed carport. This wall also provides a visual of a tropical forest with lush green gardens. Inside, we are greeted with corridors extending along the length of the plot and act as a transitional space that blurs the boundary between indoor and outdoor.


The interior includes a kitchen, dining and living area located in the middle of the floor plan to maximize connectivity between the two generations. This family home also features three bedrooms, bathroom, wine room, and a prayer room which is connected on both sides of the social. This interior space is also designed with the flexibility to accommodate guests or families who wish to visit.


There is a roof along the garden with a large patio to avoid the scorching sun. Throughout this area installed bamboo curtains that can be closed and removed as desired inhabitants. When opened, residents can enjoy a refreshing garden landscape. Meanwhile, when closed, the curtain will provide protection from direct sunlight or when it rains. This open concept is designed to make use of more natural light and ventilation to reduce the energy costs of the family.








source: designboom

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