December 5, 2023

Spectral Bridge House With Splash Of Art

Spectral Bridge House is an interesting collaboration between architects and artists who are known internationally, also called “a vessel for living and art”, the work of artist Johannes Girardoni who has succeeded in creating a specification project that explores different elements such as art, design, technology , and also architecture. Located in a narrow area in an eclectic urban neighborhood about a mile from the Venice Beach, California, this house became a deep artistic experience for the artist. Ehrlich, Yanai, and Girardoni are people who collaborate to combine art and architecture by creating three two-story living blocks. Having a scale sensitive to the surrounding houses, these monolithic forms are disturbed by irregular angles and rotating axes.

The upper level is rendered in smooth white stucco while the lower level is clad in charred black shou sugi tires, a technique from Japan that has been used since the 18th century. Entering the interior, lined up in succession, the living room is open to outside areas separated on the ground and top floors, forming several decks, gardens and billiard fields. Roof deck above the middle volume also provides outdoor coat and a stunning view out.

These three building structures are connected by Girardoni’s artwork Spectral Bridge, which connects the first two buildings to the bridge inside the glass atrium, and the two rear structures by the exterior bridge. Located between the bridge, there is an art space for baths of light and colorful colors. This house is designed to run on a program that is adjusted to the time of sunrise and sunset, shifting through the color sequence based on the evolution of the spectrum for a year. Anyone who is here will experience it from the inside as a series of spaces determined by the line of light, color volume, and ambient sound.







photo by: Matthew Millman

source: archinect

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