10 Cool Ways To Display Your Guitar Collection

Have a large collection of guitars at home? It doesn’t matter whether you are a musician or just playing this instrument, the guitar is the coolest way to express yourself and get to know your hidden talent.

The guitar is a musical instrument that is most in demand than other musical instruments. Besides being easy to play, the guitar is still affordable even for teenagers. There are various types and sizes of guitars, from acoustic guitars, electric guitars, to small ukuleles. If you have more than one guitar collection, you should first know a cool way to show them as part of your home decor. What are you curious about? Here I summarize it for you!

1. DIY guitar display frame

Like a work of art, you can also frame a guitar and display it on the wall of the room. Use a large wooden frame or adjust the size of the guitar you want to display.


2. Guitar size combination

Have lots of guitars of different sizes? Try to arrange them to size. For example, you can display a guitar from the smallest to the largest size.


3. Guitar wall art

Apart from posters, photos, or wall quotes, you can also make your guitar a part of your gallery wall. Give the frame setting that blends with the look of your guitar to get the perfect look.


4. In the hallway

The hallways of this room are like a music art gallery that showcases guitars in a marvelous way. Almost along the hallway there is a guitar rack to display the collection, while an uncomfortable wooden chair in the room added a vintage impression.


5. Bold living room

Displaying a guitar in the living room is a bold way of proclaiming you’re a musician. To make it more interesting, give the wall paint a bright color as a background to display your guitar collection.


6. In the bedroom

The bedroom is the most common room for displaying a guitar. Even though it’s only you enjoying it yourself, it can make the bedroom look much cooler.


7. In the staircase

Staircase are an area of the home that is often overlooked. Even if this space can be maximized it will give a beautiful appearance to the entire room, including for storing your guitar.


8. Masculine interior

Showcasing the guitar to a masculine interior is a practical way to enhance style. If you like a dark room or the nuances of the industry, try adding guitar to your interior.


9. At the home office

Store or display the guitar at home office, proved to be very effective to help you feel relaxed. It’s a great addition to any interior, and as a medium of entertainment on the sidelines of your work.


10. Wooden backdrop

Want a vintage touch on your guitar wall look? Set a wooden backdrop or create a DIY palette wall to showcase your guitar collection.


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