December 4, 2023

7 Beautiful Hanging Flower Ideas To Get Inspired

Having a garden in a large backyard is the dream of many people, but what if the land at home is limited? If you live in an urban area, it is very difficult to get a yard that you can use as a park. So, you need a solution in order to still have a beautiful garden on a narrow land with hanging ornamental flowers. In addition to having various shapes, colors and types, keeping flowers by hanging can be done by anyone because it does not require a lot of space.

For those of you who don’t have time for gardening but want to present a small garden at home, keeping hanging ornamental flowers can be the best choice. There are so many types of houseplants and flowers that are suitable to beautify your interior or outdoor. Anyone will love the colors that are presented and the scent of flowers that always welcomes you when you come home. So, interested to try it? Here’s some inspiration for you!

1. Petunia Flower


Petunia flowers have a shape like a trumpet with a variety of colors. Native to the United States, petunia flowers have a height of between 16-30 cm. You can choose petunia flowers with colors ranging from white, blue, purple, red, yellow, and the rarest is black. As a flower that is annual but often blooms, petunias are very worthy of being our first list.

2. Black-Eyed Susan Vine


Black-Eyed susan vine has another name “Thunbergia Alata”. These hanging flowers are very suitable in cold climates, but they can also adapt to warm temperatures. It has beautiful colorful flowers such as yellow, orange, white, red and ivory. The shape is very unique because it resembles a heart or symbolizes love.

3. Geranium Flower

Geranium flowers have a beautiful flower shape as well as have many health benefits. Comes in various colors, this flower is very good for mosquito repellent, relieve stress to keep the body in prime condition. Choosing a geranium flower will give you many benefits, in addition to the beautiful color of the flowers, this flower also produces a fresh smell.

4. Lobelia Flower


Known to have a variety of small flower shapes, you can enjoy lobelia flowers in purple, blue, red and white colors. Besides being beautiful, lobelia also does not require much care and can be grown in any season. You can also propagate this plant by sowing lobelia seeds in the soil.

5. Orchid Flower


I’m sure many people are familiar with orchids. This flower, which is very popular because of its beautiful shape and color, is one of the toughest plants. In addition to keeping them in pots, you can also hang orchid plants in baskets or walls.

6. Portulaca Flower


Portulaca flower has a short shape with beautiful and colorful flowering grass, making it an ideal choice for hanging plants. Portulaca flowers also have different varieties ranging from single to double petals. This flower is easy to care for and seems to never stop blooming.

7. Fuchsia Flower


Fuchsia is a type of tropical plant with a hanging flower shape. Usually it has purple flowers but actually there are other colors like red, white, and bluish purple. This plant can thrive and bloom all year round. Flowers with a shape like a lantern are very suitable to be planted by hanging in a cool place.

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