Cornerstone House By Splinter Society Architecture


Cornerstone House emerged as an ode to rustic beauty inspired by the project site itself. Locat­ed in the north-side sub­urb of North­cote, designed by Society Splinter Architecture, referring to mine ever characterize the area. This home is an extraordinary place where raw materials meet processed on an impressive scale. This approach to design also pushes opposing ideas into a harmonious balance that adds a rich experience quality to the structure of the building, ultimately creating a better living space for its occupants.

Literally, the Cornerstone House is a series of a dozen large stones positioned at key moments throughout the project. The massive rock has been largely left in the rough state it was in when it was extracted from the earth, preserving and emphasizing the marks of industrial tools. In this case it is partitions, joinery, flooring, landscaping and even furniture. In construction, the capstone is first lifted to the site and a structure is built around it.


Paired with split natural stone, the architecture of this home creates smooth, vernacular lines with black steelwork externally on a two-story volume. It brought to a black interior with wooden slats and a smooth steel handrails. Architects carefully considered subtlety and balance, this home is filled with warmth through the use of natural wood, rose-toned metal, and colorful soft furnishings that create a variety of textures and strong finishes. Design embraces a sense of glamor both indoors and outdoors. A rich palette including teal velvet that highlights and fosters a very pretentious atmosphere. Functionally, the design is equipped with all the main components for a good party, which are separately integrated into the architectural details.


The Cornerstone House is set to one side of the site to reduce its impressive scale and stand respectfully onto the street view. The lines follow the shape of pitched roofs and sloped down floating on top of the living room and dining room are spacious. The placement of the house provides protection from neighbors’ line of sight resulting in a secluded pond surrounded by a garden setting. The harshness of the architecture is balanced by the gentleness of the landscape and the curvy paths.

In contrast to the existing symphony, Cornerstone House is ultimately a powerful design for a refined lifestyle.













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