8 Inspiring Bedroom Pool Ideas For Your Relaxing

Relaxing in the pool always gives a comfortable and relaxing feeling, especially if you are a busy person with endless notifications. Stopping for a moment to pamper yourself while enjoying the swimming pool is the best medicine to restore the mood. However, have you ever thought about bringing your bedroom to the pool? A well-designed pool bedroom makes for a weekend of entertainment and an existing bedroom will feel like a getaway any time you want it.

There’s something about the added privacy, access to natural light, and the best place to rest, when combined with an attractive theme it looks absolutely incredible. Today I have rounded up the best pool bedrooms that will pamper you every time you come home, or as entertainment after a long day. From unique boho bedrooms to tropical gardens and bedrooms integrated with a swimming pool, there are many ways to make your dreams come true.

1. Bohemian vibe


This boho bedroom blends into the pool in the backyard. This idea gives a unique holiday style with a wicker bed and chandelier. Give access in the middle of the swimming pool using a stone that leads to the dream bedroom.

2. Morrocan style


Moroccan pool designs are synonymous with bold textures and elements. Its unique architectural style makes this swimming pool very suitable to be combined with any room, including outdoor bedrooms.

3. Vintage farmhouse


Present a cozy impression through a rustic-style swimming pool design. Combine it with vintage nuances such as furniture, lanterns, to sliding doors. This pool bedroom also features an area to relax throughout the day.

4. Tropical garden


Tropical pools are more nature-inspired. It can be seen from the types of plants, the selection of furniture, to the creation of a swimming pool landscape. You can integrate it into your bedroom to give it a relaxing atmosphere that is connected to nature.

5. Holiday feel


The main purpose of a pool bedroom is to make you feel like a vacation at home. The key is in the creation and landscape with an open concept connected to the bedroom. Provide easy access such as stairs that go directly to the swimming pool when you open the room door.

6. Pool view


For those of you who don’t want to be completely outside, this bedroom with indoor and outdoor concepts can be a solution. Use an open wall concept by adding a wall or glass window with a pool view.

7. Pool deck


Pool deck which is directly connected to the bedroom will make anyone feel relaxed. The elements of wooden floors, tropical landscapes, and water features are the perfect combination for your holiday season.

8. Water fountain


This modern style pool bedroom will facilitate you with luxury. The sliding glass doors are connected to the swimming pool, and the sound of the waterfall will make you feel cozy.

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