12 Aesthetic Wall Plant Decor Ideas For Your Interior

Walls are an important element in every dwelling. Apart from being a house protector, room divider, and providing privacy for the occupants, walls can also be part of home decoration and beautify your entire interior style.

There are many ways to make the walls blend with the interior concept, from painting the walls, making wall galleries, to using plants. This plant wall will not only make your room feel fresher but also add aesthetic value to any room.

Plant wall shelves are probably the easiest to implement, although there are actually many creative ways to decorate walls with plants, such as adding art or hanging plants on the walls. Here we have collected some easy plant wall decoration ideas that you can imitate at home. Keep up with our search!

1. This wooden wall shelf is not only a place for plants, but also becomes the center of attention because of its unique design. Each shelf is made for one plant with a variety of shapes.


2. Hanging plants is a practical solution for limited space. Hang the plants on the wall using a broom stick and then mix it with the view of the plants below.


3. A hexagon-shaped wall plant shelf can be a sweetener in a main room such as a living room or family room.


4. If you are creative enough create a handmade pot to display on the wall. As an alternative, use fake plants or dry grass.


5. Minimalist wall appearance is often applied to modern home designs. However, don’t leave the walls blank by choosing simple plant wall decor.


6. Take advantage of unused items such as wooden crates to be converted into plant wall decorations. Besides being cheap, this wall shelf idea gives a rustic look.


7. Want to bring plants into the house? Maybe this vine decoration will be your favorite.


8. Wooden plant rack design is the most popular idea and is often used for wall decoration.


9. In addition to hanging wall plant pots, you can decorate the walls by painting them in the shape of an arch.


10. The walls on the stairs are an often overlooked area. Now you can use it by placing some wall plants to make it look more attractive.


11. Boho wall decor will make your home look aesthetic. Choose macrame hanging shelves and tree branches as a place to hang plants.


12. Wire wall has plenty of area for attaching plants. From baskets to attaching them to wall wire, these ideas are practical for any room.



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