7 Unique And Creative Bathroom Sink Designs

In decorating any space, all elements must be considered in detail. However, what happens if one of the rooms in your house uses a unique design? Like this bathroom sink idea, which has an unusual shape. The sink is usually located in the bathroom as a place to make it easier for you to wash your hands and wash your face without having to use the shower or faucet. However, it is possible that the sink is also placed in certain areas such as the dining room, entrance, and even the bedroom.

The sink has now become an important part of protecting the health of you and your family. That is why many people design their sinks with more attractive designs. If you are currently looking for the right sink idea, today I have collected the 7 best sinks that will definitely not feel boring. From creative ideas using old items to some unique DIY sink projects, here are some inspirations to make your bathroom look more charming and aesthetic.

1. Stock tank sink

Do you like the look or style of a rustic interior? If you’re a big fan of this look, try making a DIY sink out of a stock tank. Combine with wooden sink legs to add a classic impression. Not only as a sink, this stock tank can also be used for washing because its size is quite large.


2. Bicycle sink

Reusing used items for a sink is a creative idea. Like this sink inspiration, where an unused used bicycle is used as a sink support.


3. Old dresser sink

Every DIY project always gives a beautiful and different feel to any space. This old dresser looks elegant as part of the sink, you can combine it with a little natural nuance by placing a flower vase on the sink table.


4. Barrel sink

One more creative sink idea that you deserve to try yourself at home. Make use of drink barrels and turn into an attractive sink. Some furniture and bathroom accessories made of wood look more aesthetic.


5. Sewing machine sink

Do you have an unused sewing machine at home? You can also use it as a sink table. The original shape of the sewing machine was maintained by adding a sink and a mirror on the wall. Gives a unique and vintage impression to your bathroom.


6. Stone sink

Bring a natural feel to your bathroom with a stone sink. The natural shape of the stone is preserved and carved as a sink table. To make it closer to nature, you can combine it with wood materials.


7. Multifunctional sink

This sink design is a little different because you can apply it to any room, including the bedroom. Having a simple and elongated shape, you can also use it as a dressing table or work desk. Even though it is large, this sink table still does not take up space because it is attached to the wall.


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