10 Inspiring Multifunctional Furniture For Saving-Space

A room with a limited area sometimes requires us to be smart in choosing furniture, especially if you live in a small dwelling with a minimalist concept. Everything is done from creating a room without a partition, arranging furniture placement, to the most creative thing, choosing cool and multifunctional furniture.

In this fast-paced and practical era, we are indeed required to be able to take advantage of everything to the maximum. That means that furniture does not only serve one purpose but can have various functions to save space in the house. In terms of practicality, multifunctional furniture is indeed the right choice for a minimalist home, you can even make one room for various purposes. In this post, I have collected 10 inspirational multifunctional furniture that will help you saving-space. Check it out!

1. Not only as a sofa for the living room, there is a work desk that you can use behind the sofa. Perfect for those of you who like to work from home.


2. Having many children does not have to make their rooms one by one. Use a bedroom with an extra retractable mattress. This bed design can accommodate 3 children at once.


3. What would happen if the kitchen, dining room, and bed were combined in one room? This idea will probably answer that for you!


4. Having your own workspace is the dream of many people. But if the space in your house is narrow, you can combine it with other furniture such as a bench with this extra storage area.


5. Utilize the empty area below into a very functional closet or storage cabinet. Having a large collection of clothes is now not a problem.


6. This Scandinavian-style coffee table is suitable for a minimalist living room. In addition, it is also equipped with a laptop table that can be adjusted according to your comfort.


7. Mezzanine floors are the choice of many people to get extra space. This floor can be used as a bedroom and the lower area can be used for other spaces such as a study table or a home office.


8. Not only practical because of its small size, this wardrobe is also equipped with a mirror to support your appearance.


9. Do you like reading books before going to bed? This bed idea with bookshelves on the headboard might be the best choice for you. There is also an extra storage shelf under the bed.


10. Small bedrooms do not hinder to create a shared room. Choose multifunctional furniture that can accommodate two children at once and has enough storage area, you can even place a study desk there!


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