February 23, 2024

Unique Bonsai Serut Trees

bonsai serut with stone planter pots

I am very pleased to present collection of bonsai serut has long decorate the backyard garden, for those of you who have never heard “serut tree” is one of the common wild plant species growing in the forests or rock cliffs. This tree may be dwarfed by the treatment and good arrangement, even some of them I took with the rock where they grow. Serut tree very pretty if in bonsai because it has a strong rooting, whitish brown with woody stems, cylindrical, many high or low branches, stems crack/cleft, almost peeling bark, gray. With the branching system that many make serut trees much in demand because it allows for a form of bonsai according to individual taste. I think 9 years is not a short time to make it look unique and beautiful, I finally find the plant hobby fun and not take time because of caring for bonsai trees is quite easy and does not require large tracts of land. Maybe you also have a favorite bonsai collection, or even you are an expert of this plant? Glad to hear from you soon.

unique bonsai serut tree


bonsai serut pots


bonsai serut trees


bonsai serut tree collection


bonsai serut tree ideas


bonsai serut tree with stone pots

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