7 Aesthetic Wall Accent Ideas That Make Feels At Home


Decorating a home can be as easy as changing the appearance of one of the walls. If you’re getting bored with the décor in your home, but do not have the budget to renovate then you could try to put the accent wall that would make at home. Accent walls can be very diverse, from wall paint to wallpaper, you can bring more personality to your interior style.

Change one of the walls of your house with this aesthetic style. Arrange furniture around it for the most comfortable place in the house. Feel free to dare to display something different, even attract attention on one wall. With a little effort you can change a boring room into an incredible, will certainly make you feel at home. Today I want to inspire you with 6 accent wall ideas that you can apply to different spaces. Know its function and make your interior more aesthetic.

Living room

The living room is the first impression of a house. The cozy living room can be obtained by adding an accent that suits your personality. not only homeowners who feel at home, even every guest who visits the house will be amazed and impressed by the wall decorations that you display.


The simplest way to make a statement wall papering the living room is on one wall. For example, as a background for furniture or as an accent in an area that you want to highlight.



Making the bedroom beautiful and comfortable is a must. No wonder because this room is the most private area where you often spend time resting.


For the bedroom, you can be more free in expressing the accent wall you want to present. Whether you like a neutral, muted, or modern look, because this is a personal space so there are no design limits.



Kitchen walls are the area that is most often dirty and dull. This room is usually moist because it is always exposed to water splashes and grease stains. That’s why you have to be careful in choosing an accent wall for the kitchen.


Choose the type of accent wall or kitchen wallpaper material that is resistant to stains and is certainly easy to clean. Kitchen wallpaper can be for only one part of the wall or as a backsplash.


Reading nook

Make your favorite reading corner even more comfortable by adding an accent wall. If you’re a hobby read surely you will often spend time at this place. In addition to good furniture and lighting, making accent walls makes this room look aesthetic.


Reading nooks can be as relaxed as you think. Pay attention to important elements like comfort, personality, and add that makes you really feel relaxed.


Home office

.Working from home has become common nowadays. Not only employees, even many people decide to work from home. The design of the home office has evolved and is no less impressive than the official office in general. However, the home office should consider the comfort factor that will keep your mood throughout the day.


A home office accent wall provides more decorating opportunities than having to renovate an entire room. You also don’t spend a lot of budget because only by coating or changing one part of the wall, then you have a stylish home office design.



The bathroom can also look elegant with the right decoration. Bathroom accent walls can enhance your style and personality in a simple way. From modern bathroom accent walls to soothing classic shades, bathroom accent walls are an easy and practical way to get started.



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