20 Fun And Aesthetic Kids Playroom With Bohemian Style


There are no rules on how you should decorate a kids room, and when it comes to the playroom it should be in accordance with the wishes and hobbies of your little one. If you usually decorate a particular house or room with a lot of design principles, then the bohemian or boho style can still add a more expressive, aesthetic, and unique character.

Bohemian kids rooms are now one of the interesting choices that can be used until your little one grows up. The warm bohemian feel, not stiff, many colors and can be combined with various themes is perfect for active and creative-minded children.

Today my vision for a children’s playroom is bright, boho-chic, colorful, fun, and of course functional. I want the room to be used until they grow up, especially considering the very wide span of time, from babies to teenagers. I wanted to create a room with a play area, ample seating, feel warm, and most importantly create an environment where children can thrive.


I have to admit the kids were able to pick up on the cool vibes early in the playroom. It is a creative zone where they often spend time learning and catching up on new things, playing with their world, or interacting with friends their age. Some parents often have difficulty how to create a room that makes children feel at home and not bored quickly, maybe even you feel it’s just a never ending circle.

Unlike the minimalist and modern design, the bohemian style is included in a decoration that is quite unique so that it will be liked by children. This d├ęcor is unusual, full of bold colors, patterns and textures. Besides using bohemian ornaments and furniture, the best tip for a children’s playroom is to use adult furniture and products that are still suitable for kids rooms. That way, the children’s room is still comfortable until they are teenagers. Here are 20 inspiring kids playroom with bohemian style that you should know! Find one or even all of your favorites here.



















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