20 Adorable Kids Bedroom Design With Polka Dot Print


Decorate your kids room is sometimes not as easy as one might imagine, but because they still love to try new things, the desire they sometimes like to change. However, there are some motifs that never fail to make kids love them, and one of our favorites is the polka dot.

Polka dot itself has been known since the 19th century, this motif has a characteristic with a round pattern that contrasts with the basic color. At first glance, this color seems to give joy to any space, usually consisting of small, large, regular, or even abstract round patterns. Polka dot print also has no rules, so you can add one color or several colors at once.

Initially, this polka dot motif was very popular in the fashion world. But now many interior designers also apply polka dot print, especially for kids bedroom. Usually children like the festive, colorful, and monotonous motifs which is very suitable with the use of polka dot prints. This year, the polka dot color trend is still much in demand to give a pleasant impression to a kids room.

Definition of polka dot print

As we know polka dot has become the choice of contemporary interior style, while polka dot itself means a round or circular motif with various colors and sizes. If the first polka dot only be used in the fashion world such as clothing, accessories, and fashion goods, polka dot now been transformed into new trends in interior room, especially children.


The use of polka dot print on decorations

The polka dot interior design in the dwelling can be applied to avoid the impression of being monotonous or just to give a cheerful impression to the room. You can choose the wallpaper wall, stickers, or repaint itself part of an empty wall with polka dot theme. For a simple idea, you can use cardboard with various colors and then cut out a circle and then paste it in the area you want.


In addition to kids rooms, you can also apply this print in any room you want. You can match the polka dot print with various themes or interior designs of the room. For example, if you have a guest room Scandinavian style, polka dot motif also nice to beautify the room, and in order to impress a minimalist use of small-sized motifs. Try to make the walls of any room you want to add a motif to have a white base color to further highlight the polka dot print that you want to convey.

Here are some of our favorite polka dot kids room ideas!


















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