5 Smart Ways To Putting Plants In Indoor

Plants have many functions that we can use, in addition to beautify your home decor, some types of plants are also very nice laid indoors. Among them the benefits of indoor plants are being able to absorb harmful toxins, add to the aesthetics of the room, and you can even directly use plants for various purposes such as cooking or eating them directly. Today we’re going to look at how to put plants in every room, these tips will help you find the best ideas with more green thumbs. Starting from ornamental plants, spices, to vegetables. Let’s see what we can do with indoor plants!

Indoor open area

Putting a plant in an open space in your home, such as a living room, a terrace or a room with more light is the best choice for your decor. Choose plants with a lot of sunlight, such as ornamental plants or colorful flowers that will beautify your room.


This area is the most personal room where you spend more time at home. Good for just resting or even doing other activities such as working at home. Putting plants in the bedroom is great for maintaining your mood, making your room fresher, and as a great relaxation tool for your sleep quality.


Plants are believed to help productivity and creativity in every job we do. Place it in the workspace such as on a desk, wall, or hang it as a refreshing home office decoration. Choose plants such as succulents or terrarium if you want to plant it on the table, while the manifold plant vines is great for improving the decor.


Besides as an houseplant, there are many plants in the room that can be utilized directly. For the kitchen, you can choose small leafy plants that can be used for cooking, such as munt, basil, rosemary, oregano, or other herbs. Place in a small pot and in a sunny area such as near a window.


Many people think that the bathroom is not a suitable area for placing plants, because this room is very small, humid, and lacks of light. Even though this area is very good for growing plants because you can easily get water. The solution you need to choose the right indoor plants and easy to grow despite the lack of sunshine. Some plants, such as betel and some ferns are the best choices

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