The Green Curtain House: Reflection And Go Back To Nature

Where do you want to be when you are old? Or what kind of house do you want to live in to spend your old age? To be honest, sometimes I think so and the Green Curtain House really inspired me to have a really quiet and comfortable home. Designed by the architectural firm HGAA, this home has a revitalizing spirit that brings elderly homeowners closer to nature. This very quiet residence offers couples a simple life in Mao Khe, an urban growth area in the Quanh Ninh province of Vietnam.

This house was made with the hope of the owner being closer to nature, giving a peaceful feeling to spend time in old age. This house focuses on setting up the park, where the fish pond provides a place to relax while reflection under green curtain hanging plants. Almost all aspects of the house are surrounded by plants, creating a shady cocoon and suppressing heat in urban areas. The walls are very uniquely crafted, accentuating the red walls and raw concrete structure that contrasts with the greenery, while still trying to convey a rustic feel. The entire building to try to unite the simplicity and emotion between people and their surroundings.

The beautiful garden contrasts sharply with the red brick walls. The number of hanging plants becomes an attractive green curtain that surrounds the entire house. A smooth path into a groove around the green space that is easily accessible for elderly owners to go walk out comfortably. There is also a home owner’s favorite koi pond with a row of green gardens around it. This area is just a step outside the room placing the homeowner by the fish pond. Every weekend, the children of this elderly owner will love to come to visit for a relaxing and quiet time.

The main living room is in the middle, slightly has a different concept by providing a closed peaceful separation from the outside world. Red bricks are still the same decoration creating a rustic feel in a modern mid-century living room.

There are mature trees that grow through a beautiful courtyard deck with long vines that filter out the sun to make it feel softer when in this area.

At night, the garden is an attraction that’s hard to ignore, filled with light and shadow of the soothing atmosphere. The underwater light illuminates the pool which allows the owner to enjoy it at any time.

Even though it was inside like an amazing green paradise, the red brick house still looked simple from the outside. At first glance, only visible red brick walls with layers of green trees and vines. This green curtain turned out to be useful for helping to keep dust out of the road and reducing traffic noise.

source: home-designing

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