IKEA Inspired: How To Make Flexible Laundry Room With Jonaxel Storage System

Bored with your washing routine exhausting, while you really do not have time to organize your laundry room? Today IKEA wants to share their laundry storage unit with many smart storage solutions, a practical drying area and smart organizing ideas. JONAXEL is their latest product specifically designed for small laundry spaces with open and affordable, flexible and strong storage to help you utilize the laundry space more effectively.

IKEA has provided all the parts that you can use for a laundry room to make it more functional, provide all the parts you need or adjust it to your taste. Let’s keep up with their amazing products such as the ones from IKEA.

Get more practical solution to the laundry room which is affordable by providing a special room in your home. JONAXEL storage system consists of stacking basket racks and wheel racks that can be adjusted to your space and personal needs, even for limited space.

The best place to store clothes after washing is to hang them and let them dry without wetting other things. You can use JONAXEL storage rack combination where the clothes hangers for drying are placed at the bottom.

Take advantage of smart storage for the room except with the help of JONAXEL clothes storage rack. Its small size can be placed anywhere according to your wishes, fitted with wheels making it easy to pull when you want to see it more clearly.

Many people assume a small space is not possible to iron clothes. This JALL iron table from IKEA has a size that is quite small and practical to be placed on the washing machine, and with legs that are easily folded.

Vertical storage unit a choice of many people, especially for the laundry room. SKADIS storage boards are equipped with various accessories, such as hangers and small sized shelves that can help you organize your items on a storage rack better.

Hidden or built-in storage rack is a smart choice for small spaces. TRONES shoes such place that can make your floor area free of objects that are falling apart. Apart from being a place to store shoes, you can also store various other objects in this area. Very practical right?

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