32 Modern Laundry Room Ideas In Bathroom For Small Spaces

Many people forget the importance laundry room, but the room really helps you in saving your time and budget without having to walk to the nearest laundry. I do not blame those who think that building a laundry room will only take up space in the house, the reason is none other than because of limited space. A good laundry room decoration doesn’t have to be always big and luxurious, most importantly you can accommodate all your washing needs be it a storage rack, washing machine, clothes hanger and some other washing equipment. If you really need a laundry room but your house is too small or you really don’t have enough space, then you need to work around this a bit. Try incorporating another room with a laundry room, and in this case my best option was the bathroom.

Combination laundry room and the bathroom is not only practical for small spaces, but it gives you more convenience and comfort when washing. Easy access to water makes your washing more enjoyable, while you don’t need to be afraid of dirty laundry because you can take a shower immediately after washing. This is a modern laundry room that will give a lot of changes to your life, even though it is small, but laundry bathroom ideas are very functional, especially for those of you who are happy with the cleanliness and beauty of the house. So are you ready to make washing your favorite activity? Let’s look at an inspiring laundry bathroom gallery.
































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