8 Easy Ways To Make Bunny Cages For Indoor

Rabbits are one of our little princess’s favorite pets, and we love bringing them into the house. Like dogs and cats, these cute long-eared animals can also be humans’ best friends depending on how you train them. One of the best things about owning a bunny is finding a new cage and decorating it with all kinds of cute elements.

I’ve always loved raising rabbits, and luckily our kids love them too which is a special thing. We love to see the children’s love for animals, especially rabbits, which now always makes their days even more fun. Creating a good cage environment is something that every rabbit owner wants, and how a rabbit cage can add an aesthetic impression to a room seems to be a challenge for us.

We’ve seen and tried all kinds of cage designs over the years, and today we’ve rounded up 8 of our favorite best rabbit cage ideas. Although we take this inspiration from various sources, but in essence it is a form of our love for these sweet animals!

Pallet In Love


We absolutely fell in love with this rabbit cage. Only using pallets as a rabbit house that is comfortable and looks elegant. This cage idea is suitable for a boho-style room or for those of you who like a minimalist space. Some wall hangings, blankets, and a little pillow would be perfect.

Rabbit Tents


Give your little bunny a beautiful place in the house. You can place a small tent as their home. Besides looking aesthetic, this rabbit cage can be placed in the children’s room to accompany the children to play.

Rabit Cages With String Light


This cage design will make your rabbit happy. Even though it is in the form of a cage, the rabbit will happily enter it. Equipped with a play area, a rabbit house, even a cozy nap area, my favorite is still the string lights which make any room more aesthetic.

Rabbit Pots


The rabbit cage idea has the concept of blending with the interior. A large plant pot as well as a comfortable rabbit house outdoors. That way, you can apply it even to a small room.

Iron Trellis


Iron trellis cage is the most commonly used for indoor. This method is the easiest because you can simply assemble it in the room. So that rabbits don’t feel stressed, decorate the cage with various beautiful ornaments such as hanging decorations, mini beds, rabbit houses, and many more.

Wood Trellis


If the iron trellis feels a little uncomfortable for your pet, you can replace it with a wooden one. Rabbit cage ideas are more environmentally friendly and certainly safe for your rabbits. Use a wooden trellis as a frame and glass as a wall barrier.

Rabbit Benches


This rabbit cage design not only blends into the interior but also the furniture in the room. Combining a bench and rabbit cage in the lower area, you can put this bench in the corner of the room or wherever you want. Very practical and efficient.

Rabbit House


A rabbit house will not make your rabbit feel stressed. They would love to be inside their home without leaving a mess. This rabbit cage is perfect if the rabbit is tame so that it can be applied in even small spaces.

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