November 30, 2022

31 Easy DIY Bird Houses To Beautify Your Garden

I am among those who like to enjoy nature, and have a garden in the backyard becomes a grace so I’m grateful. For me the garden is an inseparable part of the surrounding life, it means that there will be lots of plants, flowers and other life, it doesn’t even rule out the arrival of some wild animals. Of course, that doesn’t apply to dangerous and garden-destroying animals but who can deny these birds to your garden? I thought how to get them to settle in the garden, at least every morning to listen to the birds singing in the backyard. So I decided to DIY a bird house, and when I wanted to get started it turned out that this project was not as easy as imagined.

What I liked about this bird home is that the birds will be happy to be at home whatever we create. They don’t care what the birdhouse design looks like because for them it’s nice to own a house, whether you make it simple or even though it is complex. This time let’s leave behind the most, and start with a simple DIY bird house to anyone. I think this is much better than what you can buy at the store and shows that you care enough about it to make these birds taste it too.

Real bird house

Before we get into the list of easy DIY bird houses, you need to know that there are several bird house designs to beautify your garden. If you really want to bring or raise birds then you have to make a real bird house, that is, a bird house that can actually be a home for them. For example, make a birdhouse that is large enough for them to sleep in, add twigs or wood as perches and provide enough entrance for them. You can make a DIY bird house project in any style, even if you need to paint or paint the bird house to make it look more beautiful.

Bird house decoration

From the title, I’m sure you already know that this DIY bird house isn’t really made for a birdhouse. Bird house decorations will complement your garden if you want a unique garden decoration, adding a vintage, shabby chic or romantic touch. Great as a fence decoration or in a secret garden.





























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