Off The Grid Office With Nature Concepts

It is undeniable feel of the office very important role in supporting their employees’ performance. Like Off The Grid Office by Stefan Mantu who was inspired by nature is one of the many interior designers who care about the environment. As we know, climate change and global warming have severely damaged our earth. That is why those who care about the environment always implement vertical gardens, urban agriculture, sustainable housing and rooftop gardens as a form of saving the environment. These designers apply the concept of nature not only as a sweetener in the interior, but also become part of office design that blends with the natural surroundings. This designer wants to show a way to do his part for the world. Remarkably, the Off the Grid Office has a forest theme that inspires anyone who works under it.

This interior focuses on creating greener spaces that give greater concern to the natural environment around them, so it’s almost like being in a forest. Who would have thought if this is a modern office in the middle of the forest, an idea that is really interesting and inspiring me to always care about the environment.





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