20 Modern and Antique Persian Rug for Your Kitchen

lovely persian rug in your kitchen

Adding vintage decorations in modern style is always interesting to do. Especially if you’ve been on instagram lately, chances are you have seen how Persian carpets are widely used people to decorate their room. From the living room to the bedroom, the beauty of antique Persian rugs seen as a classic touch to every place. While a small piece of decoration works anywhere, I have to say one place I really liked the beautiful Persian carpet was in the kitchen. No matter how large or small your kitchen is today, placing a Persian rug will be able to tie the colors together and add a bit of past memories to the modern place.

Look at what you can do with Persian rugs for your kitchen, and you just choose the motif that suits your own kitchen concept. Below I have put together the idea of an antique Persian rug suitable for modern kitchen, may be an inspiration!

modern kitchen with persian rugs


bright and beautiful kitchen rug with vintage vibes


beautiful persian kitchen rug


persian rug in the kitchen decor


persian rug in kitchen bar


shabby chic kitchen decor with persian rug


stylish white kitchen with persian rugs


vintage persian rugs in the kitchen


persian rug in modern kitchen ideas


stylish small kitchen with persian rug


persian rug for kitchen decorastion


tiny kitchens with persian rug


rustic kitchen with tiny persian rug


small kitchen rug ideas


persian rug for kitchen and dining areas


minimalist white kitchen with persian rugs


small persian rug in blue kitchen color


corner kitchen decor with persian rug style


antique persian rug style

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