Nordic Apartments With Dramatic Portrait Of John Lennon

nordic apartments with dramatic portrait of John Lennon

These apartments are designed for fans of Nordic design. Opening with a dramatic portrait of John Lennon, the interior is taking classic approach between white and wood. Apartment still looks chic and minimalist although it was too cold for timber and wood elements layered. Walking in this apartment you will find exposed brick which also works wonders to warm up the room, while the cinder block walls add a touch of character that is unmatched for superb interior. I love the furniture chosen to beautify apartment look like The Flag Halyard Chair by Hans Wegner, probably one of the most famous names in Scandinavian design. There is also a removable stylish dining chair seat covers keep fresh and clean throughout the year. Here’s apartments are offering a distinctive aesthetic Nordic style to inspire you, even if you’re a fan of John Lennon should not be missed!

nordic apartment design


nordic apartment kitchen ideas


removable dining chairs


nordic apartment kitchen backsplash


nordic apartment with exposed brick


nordic apartment wall


nordic apartment interior decor


nordic apartment kitchen interior


scandinavian chair furniture

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