December 4, 2021

Duplex Apartments with Spirit of Brazil 1960

duplex apartments staircase

It is duplex apartment on the collector of art objects and decorative wanted to tell. He chose an apartment with spirit of Brazil 1960 the roof a building on the 1950s, in Jardins, Sao Paulo plus one more unit, which resulted in 700 square meters to accommodate Brazil photograph collections and other art for good roles such as painting and sculpture, candles, French glass, Murano and Animalia, such as panthers and lions, which were collected during the last ten years. We try to appreciate this story, preserve and restore as many original period features of property, “said José Roberto Moreira Pernambuco decorator Valle, author project. He was very careful with radical transformation, and original basement apartment. Four walls surrounding the building with stairs beautiful spiral between two first floor, repeated in magnificent form in between the second and the last. “I opened everything I can and try to integrate any external terraces and gardens,” says decorator.

In reforming property which has been refurbished bring it into the 21st century, the basic elements remain deliberately maintained by his charm. Some parts were changed including windows and window frames, and the other revived as granilite floors and black granite. Updated, “but focused on the Brazil 1950 and 1960,” Apartment was well: first floor there is a room with no hallways on the the lift, which is now open to a large living, integrated with the dining room and kitchen plus a service kitchen and laundry, toilet and two bedrooms ; The second floor is a room with a terrace, a basement, a kitchen for breakfast and suites; and the latter, a large partially covered terrace, bathroom and kitchen … More – or “grill room,” as José Roberto said.

duplex apartments living space

The walls are black or white or wood. They basically welcomed antiques, signed designer pieces, modern Brazilian art, as concretist Barsotti, Charoux and Sergio Camargo, and contemporary, in Ascanio, Adriana Varejao and Macaparana (on the roof, sculpture). There are also photos of Mario Cravo Neto Brazil, Claudio Edinger and Gaius Reisewitz or made ​​here by aliens as Pierre Verger. Since joining the Italian furniture design of leather sofa, even as part of a national icon screen, ottoman and chair of the Campana brothers. And rigorous blend Vintage Selection: Scapinelli chairs and tables, sofas Dinucci, twin Venini chandelier over the dining table and much more.

duplex apartments table artwork

To explain rich look, with so many elements come together and are not directly illuminated by the lights and spots on crown molding, José Roberto said: “On account of the collection, is full decoration., But, try not to dictate or determine the style. And yes, create a harmonious and tasty throughout, with design and antique pieces, in which all talk to each other. “Only one question remains: why so much should a kitchen? “Homeowners love to party, and get cooking. And this time, dedicated to baking and food Brazil, assessing materials.”

duplex apartments living area


duplex apartments dining room


duplex apartments seating area


duplex apartments bedroom in Brazil


duplex apartments master bedroom


duplex apartments kitchen ideas


duplex apartments stair decor


duplex apartment design in Brazil


duplex apartment with outdoor living

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