Modern Indonesian House To Merge With Nature

modern indonesian house with nature

This modern house trying to merge design with nature, built in Jakarta, Indonesian and publication by Gala Indiga. There was a lot of fun when running in this house, location is close to nature allows owners more time to relax. Combined with elements of modern interior plants and natural wood. There was a touch of rustic style in backyard of the house, in addition to the house is located in a very beautiful place also able to provide privacy. Interior opened with nature, there are large windows to maximize views were amazing, backyard to play and backyard to enjoy eating out with friends. The concept is sleek and clean lines give it a modern look while the pleasure achieved by natural wood and simple furniture. This house is a place to relax and enjoy the natural surroundings, following natural Indonesian house that will make you will stand for long!

modern indonesian nature house designs


outdoor indonesian house plants


awesome indoor garden decor


nature wood door designs


modern indonesian living room


modern indonesian house bar


nature bathroom interior designs


wooden staircase design


unique wooden staircase


purple loft workspaces


modern indonesian house backyard garden


wooden hallway design


cozy backyard garden furniture


modern water fountain with lights


amazing house backyard garden views


indonesian nature house garden ideas


modern indonesian house garden lights

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