Fresh And Fun Girl’s Room With Double Beds

fresh girls room with double beds

This beautiful kids room for two little sisters who will share a room, they are a very lucky girl because it had a room with fresh and fun atmosphere. There is plenty of light, cheerful color, animal motifs and also fruits. Girl’s room is designed with different functions, the first zone to sleep with two beds and playhouse for resting or reading, as well as the study area. You can see the white base combined with natural wood and bright colors of accessories throughout the room.

girls room with house beds frame


playhouse beds nook ideas

The main feature in  kids room is playhouse. Linda from Live Loud Girl has created a cozy corner with lots of pillows of some favorite brands. I’m sure you can see the many lovely details that decorate this room.

girls room with bookshelf ideas


girls bookshelf reading nook

Linda choose acrylic shelves to reading corner. Color results from books, garlands, posters and other accessories add to the beauty of this room. They look cute and versatile for kids learning media.

double girls study table

This is my favorite study zone. The shared desk custom made to fit in the niche, is equipped with two mini Vitra banana-colored chairs. Besides the table, you will see a functional solution for display and storage of books.

source: petitandsmall

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