Pretty Home Office by Charmaine Manansala

pretty home office by Charmaine Manansala

The home office is really pretty owned by Charmaine Manansala, the room where she made ​​a youtube video and do the work online every day. Actually, this project is a new home office after his move, so this space is the first concern should be renovated. Charmaine does most of her time at work, she really wanted to create a space that shows personality with a lot of his favorite patterns, textures, and colors. It has been four months after moving into a new house, but her thinks the design is never finished, but I think this is amazing. Obsession Charmaine wants to have his own space where she can be calm and inspired. Many colors are played especially favorite colors like white, gold, and pink. Here’s a sweet collection for office women!

office dresser from Target


gold polkadot office wall decals


pretty home office shelving


pretty home office decoration

source: apartmenttherapy

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