February 23, 2024

Antique School Bus for Holiday House

bus school for vacation

School bus is owned by Marco Khalil and Caroline West, they mention that they have changed the holiday to the school bus, so let’s look into! Initially the couple bought the bus in 2012 after returning from a trip Oregon buying with their VW bus, but Marco was disappointed because the bus is not able to load a lot and finally he decided to look for a bigger vehicle. After a quick search they finally found an antique school bus at a low price, bus transformed into a versatile and comfortable rooms for holiday homes. They almost remove all parts of the bus by adding some style to antique furniture and property. Now they call Riley buses functioning as they want, even this summer they plan to take the bus a little further into the American San Juan Islands to backtrack a bit to the summer. If you are curious about the bus home for the holidays, then look at the collection below!

antique school bus for holiday house


bus school interior


school bus decoration


school bus with tiny bedroom


school bus library


school bus furniture


school bus with chairs


school bus gardens


school bus with globes ornament


school bus ornament


school bus shelving


school bus with window flag


school bus seating area


school bus lamps


school home bus quotes

source: designsponge

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