Scandinavian Mid Century Apartment By INT2 Architecture

scandinavian apartment decor

The main objective of this project is to achieve maximum open space or room with special functional areas. To do this, first of all connected to the balcony of the apartment which has been turned into a sort of box-shaped plywood are put in the room. Only allocated for the job. Little room for computer and office equipment separate from the public areas through shelves.

The kitchen area was settled out of boxes, storage room and equipment housed in the floor. Standing along far wall cabinets, a kitchen island and three vertical tube” and work on the living room bookshelf. Existing conventional closet. Thus, disguised as a kitchen and does not look familiar. Decision style apartments built on a whole mix of Scandinavian tradition and modern interior design in the last century. Solution stand on the nuances of color with small accents. White walls and neutral flooring plays a background role and pastel colors, soft blue, pearl gray create an atmosphere of warmth and coziness. But, of course, the most important characteristic of the interior of the resulting simplicity and attention to detail.

apartement interior INT2 architecture


apartment dining area INT2 architecture


INT2 apartment interior


mid century living area


mid century apartment bedrooms


mid century bedroom furniture


mid century home office apartment


scandinavian apartment bathroom


apartment bathrooms


scandinavian apartment laundry room


scandinavian mid century apartment


scandinavian apartment sofa


mid century apartment project

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