Playful Manet Armchairs by Marta Szymkowiak

manet armchair reading book

Manet is contemporary armchair with playful design from Marta Szymkowiak Poland. An armchair for reading and relaxing, features serrated edges of the elements are made ​​of soft polyurethane foam that spreads under weight, this armchair fits the shape of the body itself. These designs make you find the optimal positioning. They are soft to the touch and is strong enough to withstand some book or other small items, so you like to have a small library. Armchair looks simple in a choice of gray and white, while the ergonomic strange, this armchair is also ideal for a short nap.

playful manet armchairs


manet armchair by Marta Szymkowiak


relaxing manet armchair


manet foam armchair


cozy manet armchairs

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