January 19, 2022

Modern IKEA Family Rooms

modern IKEA family rooms

IKEA back surprised me in family room collection that blends perfectly with modern life. The concept is to bring together a room that can meet all the needs and well fulfilled. This is a way to create a space that doubles both in time and can meet the needs. Start with a sofa bed that is comfortable to sit and designed to be a place to sleep every night. Even better if it has a storage area and a small side table light can easily serve as a bedside table at night. During the day serves as a family room that serves as a work space or socializing with friends, without indicating a few minutes ago that space is the bedroom.

IKEA living room

Starting from day to night and back again, it is very easy when you have so many items in the room which has a double function. In fact, as you can see in this video, as if almost all your work done by the furniture.

modern IKEA furniture

Furniture that has the dual function of making a space much slimmer. Here, we have put across the table where the equipment hair and make-up so it is easy to change from one function to another function using the same furniture.

IKEA family furniture

We also have used a foot stool as an extra seat and storage for the bed. A chest of drawers can store clothes and your laptop. Fused to the wall with the same color paint. The room will look bigger and have a sense of calm, even when there is a lot of things.

modern IKEA curtains

The family room often has a light curtain or panel. To sleep soundly select windows that block the light fixtures. Thick curtain or a pair of thick curtains long as the trick.

source: IKEA

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