February 26, 2024

10 Modern Prayer Room Ideas In The House

If you are a Muslim, you definitely want a house with a prayer room in it, no matter what style of house you have, even today’s modern homes would not be complete without a prayer room that is part of the decoration. With this special room, it will undoubtedly make its residents always feel calm and solemn in worshiping at home with their family.

Many people think that the prayer room will take up a lot of space in the house. In fact, you can always leave space to build a prayer room, even now the prayer room design has complemented the modern interior style with a beautiful Islamic feel. Here I have collected ten inspirations with various styles to suit your home. Let’s check!

1. Prayer room with wooden floors

In addition to presenting a luxurious prayer room with white shades, the choice of wood material for the floor makes this prayer room feel more comfortable. The combination of luxurious and natural impressions makes anyone more solemn in worship.


2. Cozy prayer room with feather rugs

Although located in a narrow space, a prayer room still feel cozy thanks to the use of feather rug as flooring. In addition, there are large windows that let natural light into the room.


3. Luxury style prayer room

Maybe not everyone is lucky to have a luxurious and magnificent prayer room like the idea below. However, you can get around this by choosing Islamic ornaments on the ceiling and using natural stone, either marble or wall tiles, which give the impression of luxury.


4. Ceiling lights

Although the design is simple, the impression of luxury is felt thanks to the installation of ceiling lights. While the window is closed using a unique iron ornament, it functions as a mecca when praying.


5. Islamic lantern prayer rug

For those of you who don’t have a special room for prayer, try choosing a prayer rug with a unique Islamic feel like this prayer rug idea. Place them in any room in the house where you want to make it a prayer room.


6. Modern and elegant prayer room

This prayer room is actually designed simply, but can look modern and elegant. This one inspiration applies various Islamic ornaments from the walls to the ceiling. Looks ranging from calligraphy wall hangings, dome-shaped entrance area, multifunctional rack with a variety of displays, beautiful patterned prayer rug until the middle east style hanging lamp.


7. Integrated with outdoor

Bring an outdoor feel to your prayer room if you want to make it feel refreshing. Like the idea of a prayer room that is integrated into the park or backyard.


8. Modern prayer room with living room

This prayer room idea is close to the living room. Adapted to the modern home styles, a prayer room is implementing a stunning minimalist style. Not only designed for residents of the house, this prayer room can also be used by every guest who visits the house.


9. Home library

Besides being used as a prayer room, this room is also designed for a home library. It is suitable for those of you who are happy with a collection of Islamic books and need a special room to read after praying.


10. Aesthetic wood

Applying a thick modern style, but uniquely this prayer room also uses wood as the main material. Dominated by natural shades of brown, the prayer room in this house seems warm and cool.


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