DIY Hanging Cactus Plant with Ropes

DIY hanging cactus garden

I am among those who like succulent plant, so I have a collection of cactus and pots from IKEA. So I want to make DIY hanging pots with simple rope, I mean it is really easy because you only need a few items. This tutorial will show you how to make your own hanging succulent planter, I want to share through pictures cool to hang them and this is a fun DIY project. Look at every detail of how to make it very easy, if you want to try it let me know and I will be happy to show other tutorials.

The materials that you need to prepare:

  • Cactus/succulent
  • Pot
  • Rope
DIY hanging cactus pots

Prepare your pots and cactus plants. Take the rope that you have prepared in advance, then cut into 8 pieces of rope to be all the same length, but the length is up to you.

DIY hanging cactus ropes

Bring rope to tie the knot, this is bottom hanger.

DIY hanging cactus designs


DIY hanging cactus plant

Make 4 parts by tying knots on each pair, make sure they have the same length.

DIY hanging cactus rope ideas


DIY cactus rope


DIY cactus pot materials


DIY hanging cactus pot design

Put the pot on top rope that we have made, position pot should match the size of the rope to prevent pot is dropped or disconnected.

DIY hanging cactus garden planter

DIY hanging cactus pot has finished, how easy is not it? Now you can hang it as you wish, I hope you enjoy it!

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