Gorgeous Interior Photos from Idha Lindhag

idha lindhag living room photo

Beautiful interior photo this is work of a Swedish photographer based in Stockholm, Idha Lindhag. He began happy photographing since at an early age, his focus left house taking pictures. Starting from favorite photograph, Idha has created a lot of amazing photographs also become starting point for his career. If you look into interior, a bit like painting, because Idha pleased treat it as such. Images that she took was very balanced for composition and anything like, he could find inspiration from simple objects around him, even we ourselves do not ever realize it. Idha also inspired many photos from his trip to Italy, I hope you also find a lot of inspiration in interior photos as I do. Here are some Idha photo collection very inspiring.

wooden dining room photo


white vintage cabinet photo


white bedroom interior photo


vintage botanical garden


scandinavian bedroom photo


rug living room photo


modern living interior photo


kitchen storage cabinet photo


idha lindhag interior photo


gorgeous bedroom photo idha lindhag


glamour dining room photo


flower wallpaper photo


contempory living room photo


contemporary dining room photos


bedroom library interior photo

source: idhalindhag

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