Beautiful and Playful K desk Furniture for Kids

K desk kids furniture ideas

Latest collection from Rafa-kids displays Kids desk with beautiful and playful designs. I can imagine this is very perfect furniture is in the room boys and girls, functional table with two utility that can open and close them at will. Latest designs in their collection is K desk.

“Rafa-kids is glad to present imaginary and playful K desk. We designed this stable and functional desk without compromising its beauty.

Rafa-kids K desk can be set in two different positions: an open and close one. When closed the furniture is clean and elegant. Once the lid is lifted you discover another layer of the desk with rounded corners and hidden organizer. Perfect place to put notebooks , iPad or little toys and treasures. Vertical part is good exposition space for drawings, photos or important messages.

We have put great attention to detailing of our K desk. You will see no screws or connectors outside. Closing the lid is yet another experience. Completely hidden dampers are softly closing the lid protecting children’s fingers from being shut.The desk is made from Finnish birch wood and plywood and available in natural finish”.

K desk furniture


K desk furniture for kids


K desk detail open posision


rafa-kids K desk furniture


wooden K desk furniture


playful K desk kids furniture

source: rafa-kids

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