25 Small Laundry Room Designs

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Laundry room is small does not need a wide space, sometimes cramped space in some corner of your home is often the point is missed, especially if you let it not be used and it will be a wasted space. Therefore, it makes little room for washing and ironing is a good ideas that you could possibly apply. Here means to wash chamber is a space where activities of washing and ironing done simultaneously. Around the small room for the laundry room is not easy, but it does not hurt you to try laundry room ideas in this article.

Initially you can use hanging racks to replace cabinets. That way you can use the remaining space underneath to put the washing machine and iron table. To store dirty clothes, you can use laundry folded troley, that is a lorry to hold dirty clothes and can be folded when not in use. Then for drying, you can expand and stretch rigging some round wooden beams as a clothesline. Of course you have to make sure the clothes have been dried in the washing machine first if you want to hang on in this room. Use iron folding table to save space.

Iron table should also be moved, to get more extra points. In addition to installation of water and sewer pipes for a washing machine, we recommend you also need to install engine air circulation to avoid the laundry room is too humid because of being in the sun. Finally, provide a transparent pot on floating shelf to collect the newly discovered tucked in clothing or a container for coins that have been scattered in the washing machine.

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