Ultralight Trekking Tent Folds Into The Size Of A 1.5 Liter Bottle


n a world of ultralight backpackers where every gram taken counts, Rafael Amzallag designed the Pantanal Ultralight Tent that makes climbing easy. It is the lightest tent in the world, and is not just an attitude but a way of life, being an essential piece of equipment to tuck into their hiking backpack.

Pantanal tries to answer the question, why do you have to carry around a complicated tent when the essence of climbing lies in unfiltered exploration? That’s why designers created the ultralight backpacker ethos of adding only the essentials, reimagining the tent structure where a conventional pole sits in the back seat, and a detachable climbing pole forms the base structure.

Pantanal is a tent that stands on a trekking pole so it’s light, only 872 grams but still spacious inside. This tent is made of an innovative, weather-resistant fabric. In addition to being light in weight, this design also allows for a connection between the two tents to create a shared space between climbers. In fact, when folded the tent is only the size of a 1.5 liter bottle.


Rafael Amzallag started this project which aims to change the traditional tent design which often carries a large pole, eliminating the need for a pedestrian gear mechanism. Hoping to implement components that could serve as a double foundation, the designers honed in on the indispensable climbing poles for trekkers to form the structure of the tent bases.

This tent has two adjacent doors, providing a wide 180-degree view from two vantage points. Measuring 1.45 meters wide, the pantanal is an efficient and versatile camping solution. Compatible with similar systems, these systems can be linked to build collective shelters, thus expanding their use beyond stand-alone units. Now, when you find the best camping spots, Pantanal is one of the products worth considering.








designer: Rafael Amzallag

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