Modular Pop-Up House That Can Folded In The Suitcase


This cardboard house reminds me a bit of one of those scenes from sci-fi movies and the things where everything that looks small is actually big when it’s taken apart. Introducing the Maawa X, the suitcase housing that becomes a literal pop-up that is compact, smart, reusable, modular and recyclable.

Maawa X is designed as a waterproof, solar-powered pop-up housing solution that can be used in any situation and condition, for refugees, or even for homeless camps who need a safe place to live.

Although still not patented, this is one innovative project that folds into a suitcase when transported and can accommodate 1 to 2 people when unfolded as the house expands to 3.5 cubic meters. Anyone can easily assemble it, it doesn’t even require tools or complicated assembly lines because it’s basically like assembling a box.


All parts of the house are made of cardboard which is integrated with solar panels so that they can protect you from all weather conditions. Weighing only about 13.7 kg, this pop-up house can be carried in a suitcase wherever you need it. This project is also eco-friendly than the plastic tents that are often used in most camps. The material is recyclable and can be naturally decomposed to be reused or converted into something more useful.


Not only practical and modular, Maawa X is also equipped with a digital structure making it easier to organize and access whatever you need. Designers hope that this eco-friendly shelter can be a solution for millions of people around the world who need temporary housing. At least, this is a solution that we often encounter in the midst of dense urban areas. Enjoy!








designer: Maawa X

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