12 Simple And Modern Wardrobe Design With Open Concept


As the function and name implies, the wardrobe is indeed designed to store clothes so that they are neatly arranged. That is why, this wardrobe has always been mandatory furniture that is usually in the dressing room or bedroom. If you usually see a closed wardrobe equipped with a door, now many people prefer an open concept with a simple and modern style. This doorless wardrobe design has become part of a free lifestyle with everything easily accessible.

Deciding on a wardrobe design is indeed quite easy, but some types of open wardrobes have proven to be more practical and save a lot of space. Not reducing its functions and benefits, an open wardrobe can also accommodate a lot of clothes or items that you need so that the room is always neat and more organized. In addition, open cabinets are perfect for a minimalist style room.

For those of you who want to have an open wardrobe without a door, here are 12 inspirations to keep it simple and modern, follow our search!

1. Not only saving space with the hanging concept, this wardrobe is also equipped with shelves to store several items and plants.


2. Create a trendy walk in closet with an open concept. Arrange in such a way as a hanging clothes rack, a small storage cabinet, to a shoe rack on the wall.


3. The glamorous impression can be seen from the use of gold-colored iron material. This wardrobe also features an elegant vintage room style.


4. Do you like a minimalist interior style? Try combining black and white.


5. If you want a little privacy in an open wardrobe, you can add curtains with soft transparent materials.


6. Wood elements always make any room look fresh. This combination of wooden cabinets and open shelves is perfect for any space.


7. If you are a man who likes a simple and modern lifestyle, you can try this wardrobe idea!


8. Making an open wardrobe in the bedroom is the best idea. Decorate with a Scandinavian feel if you like a touch of minimalism.


9. Not only adults, even teenagers can try open wardrobe ideas for their rooms.


10. This open wardrobe set is very efficient because it has lots of storage shelves, so you can store more things.


11. Besides being luxurious, this wardrobe also feels sophisticated thanks to the lighting on the ceiling.


12. For an industrial look with a masculine style, you can copy this open wardrobe design!


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