20 Modern Wooden Cat Houses For Extra Large Space


Starting from having lots of cats at home, I finally looked for some cozy cat house ideas without having to make our furry friends feel stressed. If you are a cat lover like me, then you must have the same problem, namely providing a comfortable place to live for our furry friends. Some types of cat breeds don’t really like moving around, on the other hand, there are also cats that like to make a mess in our house, especially kittens who still like to play. The solution is that you may need to prepare a special cage or large cat house that can accommodate all their activities.

Modern wooden cat cages are not only an attraction in interior design, but also a house that can accommodate more than one cat. The natural wood look with glazed walls makes it easy to blend into any room style. Apart from that, modern wooden cages are usually equipped with cat play areas, beds, scratchers, food and drink stations, and even cat litter boxes. Interested in bringing this fun into your home? Below I have collected several modern wooden cat house ideas that you can try at home.


Modern style wooden cat cage design

Cats are easy and obedient pets, so many people choose them as loyal friends at home. That’s why cats are very suitable to live anywhere without having to sacrifice space and the beauty of your space, such as in small apartments or even minimalist residences. Wooden cat houses make it easy for you to match your interior style. Is your room modern, minimalist, boho or Scandinavian? The wooden house will look as part of the decoration. You no longer need to worry about running out of space or having to hide all the mess because now you can place it wherever you want. From minimalist wooden cat houses to industrial style, there are lots of cool cat house options and ideas that you can find here.










Modern cat house with many facilities

Nowadays cat cages or houses are not always box-shaped and made of iron. I think such old cages can make our furry friends feel stressed, and have a negative effect on the pet’s health. Modern cat houses not only look like luxury cat villas but are also equipped with various amenities and facilities that cats need. Before you choose a wooden cat house design, you should consider the size to suit the needs of the cat you have. The design depends on your taste, usually equipped with glass walls or a combination of aluminum, there are even cat houses that are made entirely of wood. A good cat house must have several room functions, for example the first floor is used to store the cat’s litter box and play area, the second floor is a food station and nap area, while the third floor can be used as a playground or cat bed.










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