Black and White Google Desk from Danny Venlet

white google desk

Comfortable office has always been everyone’s dream, imagine if yourself walking in office room and only see a rectangular table crowded by all sorts documents and other tools are scattered. You would expect to see a functional oval desk that will create a feeling that will be ready to fly. Google desk is office desk from Danny Venlet for Babini Italian furniture company. Currently Google desk is available in two colors black and white elegant so you can choose the color that suits your office room concept. Desk has an aerodynamic shape and airy, simple design that can realize your desire to use a wide open space and allow you to adjust everything in a way that is easily accessible so that the work becomes more effective and efficient. Modern designs and color choices are shady seems worth considering, be prepared to see the surprised faces of friends who will go into your office and several collections of Google desk will inspire!

white google desk furniture


black google desk


black google desk design

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