15 Lovely College Dorm Room Designs

pretty college dorm room decoration

For some student through life dorm is really tiring, but must do a lot of college assignment, we are also required to be able to live independently. For about one month, student normally lazy to decorate their dorm, not because they do not want to have a dorm room lovely and cool but decorate a dorm room is not as easy to decorate the room in general. That’s why I gave awards to some of the coolest dorm rooms I’ve seen. After exploring Pinterest, here is what I consider to be the top fifteen.

Dorm rooms are often small and you still need to accommodate a lot of stuff, express your personality, and add a few touches to suit your style. So, it might take some inspiration to do it. Starting from rope light d├ęcor , wall posters, bookcases, bed floor and many dorm room ideas suitable for teens. This does not in any order, I just think they all might be the solution to all college in the world!

modern dorm room designs

Girly and glamorous room

If you are a girl who feels girly and glamorous, this is the right time to express yourself in bedroom decoration. To create a sweeter room atmosphere, you can use gold, metallic or pastel nuanced accents. Pink and blush colors are also welcome, add pink pillows, curtains or even a rug. Dim lighting is also great for improving the mood, use string lights to make a room feel more comfortable and inviting. Another idea, you can display various works of art, wall galleries, posters, and various decorative displays that enhance the aesthetics of the dorm room.

cool boys dorm room ideas

Modern nuanced rooms

If you are a young man who likes things simple, try a modern look by adding a touch of style that you like. For a masculine impression, choose black and white with touches of gray to keep the room modern. You can also add dark blue which gives a beautiful beach vibe or green if you want to create a warm forest atmosphere. Add photo frames on the wall and various geometric patterns and accessories to make it look more attractive. Various textured textiles as well as knitted blankets and fur carpets will make your room even cooler.

cool dorm room decor ideas

Boho bedroom for teens

Bohemian style is most suitable for dorm rooms. From clothing and accessories to decoration, you can follow this trend if you are free-spirited. This style is very cheap and easy for anyone to make. Add some tribal patterned textiles, macrame decorations, dream catchers, succulents, geometric patterns, and boho wall art is what you need. Apart from the popular styles above, there are actually many dorm room styles that you can try. Such as my favorites Scandinavian style, mid-century, industrial, classic, and many more. In fact, you can combine all styles together which is often called an eclectic look.

Here are more dorm room ideas that might suit your style!

college dorm bedroom lights
cute dorm room with beautiful window view
dorm room makeover for girls
cozy dorm room decor ideas
lovely dorm room with photo lights
girl college dorm room designs
cute college dorm room inspiration
beautiful dorm room with lighting ideas
colorful dorm room for girls
pretty dorm room with wall ornament
cool dorm bedroom ideas

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