15 Beautiful Plant Ideas To Mix Your Gallery Wall

Wall galleries are more than decorations for me, they are a testament to life’s journey that captures every precious moment. They change the room to be more alive, bringing stories into my interior. You may have several ways to present your own wall gallery, and these layouts can have a big effect on your overall interior design. Even when you have some stunning artwork and photos ready to throw you into the mix.

A wall gallery is indeed the best idea to fill an empty space, but in order for your wall to look real you need additional decorations that will complement it. Indoor plants blend perfectly with any décor, and wall galleries are no exception. They are something that is not a traditional print, painting or photograph, but gives life to your home.

Combining a gallery wall with plants is a simple way to make a big impact on your needs. Houseplants make the air fresher, release oxygen and filter everyday pollutants that can be detrimental to health. While the wall gallery does its job as part of the decoration that beautifies your home. Here are 15 plant ideas that you can mix with a wall gallery!

1. Simple living room with minimalist nuances with a plant wall gallery.


2. Bench in the hallway won’t look boring with this plant arrangement and wall gallery!


3. Liven up the look of your cabinet with an aesthetic gallery wall. And adding some decorative plants around it is the best idea.


4. The corner of the dining area feels more alive with large indoor plants. While one of the walls tells the journey of your life.


5. This vintage-style kitchen feels more refreshing with a number of houseplants and a matching themed wall gallery.


6. Cozy reading nook with refreshing contemporary wall gallery.


7. Staircase wall galleries are a popular choice for interiors. Add indoor plants so they don’t look monotonous.


8. Even a small wall corner looks prettier with a wall gallery and air plants.


9. The boho-style wall area is complete with a wall gallery and some air plants.


10. This home office brings a relaxing outdoor feel. Complete with houseplants and a nature-themed wall gallery.


11. This green corner of the house will keep the air clean and fresh. Not forgetting that some photo galleries add art to the forest décor.


12. The smallest part of the house can look stunning with a beautiful wall gallery. Give a refreshing touch to the bottom with your favorite plant.


13. Cozy boho style living room for every guest. There are unique decorations, photo galleries, and decorative plants that complement it.


14. I like the vintage feel this room brings. From wooden plant shelves to antique photographs that give a dramatic impression.


15. Wall posters are the best alternative to display your wall gallery. This decoration is suitable for a teen room with lots of open space and houseplants.


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