10 Inspiring Cozy Nook Ideas For Tiny Space

When we decorate a house, the corner of the room is an area that is often forgotten. In fact, no matter how small nook you have, if maximized, it can be the most cozy and functional place in the house.

You can change small nook to be any area you want. From the wall gallery, me time corner, work area, or just a comfortable reading room on a rainy day. Take time to focus on yourself by creating a comfortable atmosphere.

If by chance your room is minimalist or narrow in size, this nook room idea might be very useful. Try to see if the corner of your house has been put to good use? if not, here are 10 small nook décor ideas that will inspire you!

1. Cozy reading nook


For book lovers, this corner corner idea is not to be missed. You can create a cozy reading nook with the arrangement you like complete with chairs and bookshelves.

Even more cozy, the reading corner must get natural lighting so you can place some of your favorite plants in this area.

2. Rattan hanging chairs in the nook


Made from solid rattan. This hanging chair will be the most cozy place to relax in the corner of the house.

Choose a comfortable hanging chair to accompany you to watch TV or just rest. The unique concept will be an attraction in the room.

3. Cozy nook with a natural touch


Bringing nature into the home is becoming increasingly popular. Nooks can be turned into a refreshing green zone.

You can place various types of your favorite ornamental plants around the corner of the room. From tropical plants, cacti, or succulent plants with minimal maintenance, it’s up to you.

4. Cozy nook on the floor


For those of you who like a free and wide corner of the room, try making it on the floor area. Just put a rug, floor mattress, and a few pillows, then the corner of your room will turn into the most cozy place at home.

An open window in nook will provide natural light while allowing you to enjoy the view outside.

5. Tiny dining table


Narrow room can be maximized with the right arrangement ideas. Like this tiny-sized dining nook that is comfortable for all family members.

Place a small dining table set in a corner area near the window. The dining atmosphere will feel more familiar and enjoyable.

6. Tiny kids nook


This tiny nook will be a fun place for your little one to play and learn. Create a favorite tiny nook by placing various favorite objects such as dolls, toys or books.

Don’t forget, add a kid-safe mattress and floor rug, some pillows, and maybe a curtain for their privacy.

7. Small home office nook


Are you a work at home or just happy to bring office work? Turn an unused nook of your space into a multifunctional home office.

Guaranteed, the workspace in this area will make you more focused and productive.

8. Cozy nook with hammock


Want to enjoy more relaxing time at home? This nook decoration with a hammock will keep you comfortable all day long.

The side nook can function as a hammock hook. You can also add a display table in the corner to enhance the interior.

9. Cozy bohemian-style nook


This cozy nook is perfect for those of you who are young and free at heart. You can choose a bohemian theme as part of an aesthetic décor.

Apart from comfortable furniture and textiles, you can also decorate it with various unique decor elements. You can show your personality in this nook.

10. Tiny gallery nooks


This tiny nook is sure to please those of you who are artistic. Create a mini wall gallery in the corner of the room, whether it’s paintings, posters, or photos of your work.

Arrange it neatly and to make it more aesthetic, add a matching frame. Plus a small sofa, your tiny nook will be more perfect.

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