February 26, 2024

20 Small And Stylish Entryway Ideas With Storage Solutions


Like the first glance when you meet that special someone, entryway is the first thing you and your guests see when they come into the house. Even though it’s a small room, it’s the best chance to amaze everyone when you first step into the house. This small room is not only a welcome decoration, you can even add clever storage ideas that make it easy for anyone to store their belongings when they are outside.

Entryway are usually narrow, and one of the main problems in this space is organization and storage. You can look for some practical storage solutions and pay attention to some of the details that best suit your entry door style. One of the easiest ideas is to add a bench with storage, a cabinet, or use a wall hanger. Luckily, there are plenty of stylish entryway ideas with easy and practical storage solutions. Get inspired!


Entryway with open storage

If your entryway is really small, you can place a simple storage unit. Open storage probably won’t take up much space in the house, this is the easiest way with a shelf or wall hanger. You can store any item in any part of the shelf and it will be easy to find it. There is a practical wall shelf with hooks to hang your hat, clothes, jacket or bag. Some storage ideas can be combined with furniture such as a bench with a shoe rack at the bottom.


Entryway with hidden storage

To avoid clutter in your entryway, opt for hidden storage ideas. You can place a rectangular bench with a storage unit in it. Besides being functional, the idea of a bench with storage is convenient when you want to sit down to take off your shoes. Also, use baskets, wire baskets, or cabinets with closed doors. If you want to adapt it to your entryway, then try making your own hidden storage shelves with this DIY project.


Entryway with storage combination

If the entryway is large enough then the best idea would be to mix open and closed storage. Incorporate open shelves and drawers in your space to maximize storage space in a practical way. This entryway storage combination will give you extra storage space whenever you and your guests need it. It’s a good idea to add more decorations such as houseplants, decorative displays, or other furniture outside of storage.

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