20 Soft And Cozy Kitchen Ideas With Mint Colors


Kitchen design reflects the mood of the owner, and if you are someone who likes serenity then pastel colors are worth considering. Pastels are one of the most timeless and calming colors for kitchen décor. They never go out of style so they can be applied to any kitchen style, from modern, minimalist, rustic to contemporary.

Speaking of pastel colors, I can’t escape the mint color type as it is the perfect solution for many interiors and is great when you want a bright kitchen atmosphere. Today I am excited to share some ideas on warm kitchen decor in mint colors.

Among the other types of pastel colors, I can say that mint is the most cheerful and soothing color at the same time. So, prepare yourself to be inspired by our list of favorite mint kitchens!


Mint style kitchen

Mint usually comes in two colors, namely mint blue and mint green. At first glance, there isn’t much difference between these two mint color choices. However, you can choose whatever you like according to the concept of the room and your personality. Choose mint blue if you want your kitchen to look cool and refreshing, while mint green will give off a warm, natural feel. You can also mix mint with other colors, such as neutrals, pale colors, or lighter colors. Maybe you will think that mint is a vintage color that is not suitable for contemporary designs. However, I can assure you that this color can be used in all kitchen styles, from minimalist, modern, rustic, Scandinavian, even contemporary with sustainable designs.








Mint color kitchen ideas

The kitchen is my main focus for mint color. Be it mint blue or mint green is one of the popular colors to make the kitchen feel warmer and more relaxing. You can create a retro and rustic feel by simply changing the wall paint or opting for mint-colored kitchen furniture. Integrate mint into cabinets, backsplashes, or accent walls as a statement piece. Mint kitchen cabinets stand out among other kitchen décor, while you can also combine them with other lighter or darker pieces of furniture to create a trendy kitchen vibe. Another idea, pair mint with neutral colors like white, gray, or brown for a more minimalist look.












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