12 Inspiring Homemade Plant Stand Ideas

Plants have become a part of home décor, they are very popular both indoors and outdoors. A touch of freshness is able to give a cool and comfortable feeling that influences your mood changes every day. Instead of having all the plants pinned in a corner, try these homemade plant stand ideas to display your plant collection in a more appropriate way.

Collecting plants, especially those arranged on plant racks, can increase the beauty of your home and give you peace of mind. Not only caring, watering, and watching them grow, paying more attention to plants is also important to beautify your home.

This plant stand can be made by anyone, and for any space both indoors and outdoors. This is a creative way to give your plants special attention. Ranging from wooden plant stands to rattan, ladder plant stands, iron plant stands, and many other interesting inspirations you can find here. Please scroll down and get inspired!

1. Rattan Plant Stand


If you like a rustic and unique style, a plant stand made of rattan will present an attractive rustic style. There is a natural, warm, and soothing impression that will beautify your plant collection. Rattan is timeless and suitable for any interior style.

2. Aesthetic Plant Stand Boxes


Arrange boxes with attractive colors for your plant rack. It can be made of iron or wood with a sturdy material. To make it more interesting, arrange the plant stand box in such a way as a home for your plants to look aesthetic.

3. Cinderblocks Plant Stand


Take advantage of unused items into a plant stand that is no less interesting. This plant stand is made of an arrangement of cinder blocks with several wooden planks as a plant rack. So, here you can use a cinder block as a leg which definitely has a strong resistance.

4. Colorful Stacked Book Plant Stand


This plant stand not only displays your plant collection in a unique way, but can also be part of your home décor. Using stacks of colorful books as a place to place plants, combine it with beautiful pots and an aesthetic background.

5. Crates Plant Stand


Recycled materials are always an interesting thing to turn into something of value, including as plant stands. Take your wooden crates and arrange them into a beautiful plant rack. The sections inside the wooden crate can accommodate several plants at once.

6. Folding Bamboo Plant Stand


If you like plant stands that are practical and easy to store, then foldable bamboo plant racks are the best idea. Its simple design and easy to place wherever you want, makes this plant stand very flexible.

7. Hang Plant Stand With Industrial Style


Do you like industrial style for interior display? You can choose a plant stand with this hanging model. Using a wooden plank base with wheels equipped with iron pipes as a place to hang plant collections.

8. Triangle Plant Stand


Triangle plant stand not only has an attractive appearance but also can accommodate more of your plant collection. At first glance, this plant stand almost resembles a wooden ladder that is arranged but has a better level of rigidity.

9. Ladder Plant Stand


Ladder plant stand design is the easiest way to beautify your home at the same time. Make a ladder-shaped plant rack and place it wherever you want. This ladder plant stand consists of several levels to place certain types of plants.

10. Iron Plant Stand


Iron plant stand is a classic design that has always been popular throughout the ages. This plant stand is made of iron as a plant rack with a minimalist feel. This plant rack idea is more specific to displaying one particular plant.

11. Wood Beam Plant Stand


Wooden beams not only give a natural look to the room, but also give a chic impression to your plant collection. Take pieces of wood blocks and add iron as the legs, then just display it as a plant rack.

12. Wooden Plant Stand


Wooden plant stands are a practical idea with a beautiful appearance. You will always be able to make this plant rack part of the interior style. In addition, this wooden plant stand also functions as a bookshelf at the bottom.

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