10 Sustainable And Eco-Friendly Furniture Designs

Sustainable lifestyle is now one of the most popular lifestyles. Applying the concept of minimalist housing to an environmentally friendly lifestyle is a positive value as a social movement that cares about the environment. This lifestyle can be done in various ways, and choosing sustainable furniture is the main focus for eco-friendly homes.

For those of you who don’t know what sustainable furniture is? It is furniture that can last for a long time, meet needs, and has a good impact on the environment. If you think sustainable furniture design feels out of date, now there are many sustainable designs with contemporary styles.

If you want to have a minimalist, comfortable, and eco-friendly dwelling, then this furniture will be the best choice. So, what kind of sustainable furniture design is suitable for housing? Here are 10 inspirations for you!

1. Natural Accents


Natural accents represent sustainable furniture designs. That can be done by placing wooden furniture that brings a natural feel to the room. Combine with clay accessories or add houseplants.

2. Cozy Sustainable Bed


If you are looking for a comfortable bed that keeps you fit every time you wake up, then sustainable furniture is the best solution. This bed design is not only cozy but also very functional.

3. Wooden Wardrobe


There are many wardrobe designs but those made of wood are really durable and environmentally friendly. This wardrobe idea is suitable for those of you who like minimalist or Scandinavian styles with thick wood elements.

4. Simple And Multifunctional


One of the advantages of sustainable furniture is that it can be used for any space. For example, you can choose furniture that can double function, such as being a wardrobe as well as a hanger.

5. Japanese Style


If we talk about sustainable and environmentally friendly furniture, then there is nothing better than Japanese style furniture. Since ancient times, Japanese furniture is known for its simple, minimalist design, and tries to blend with the environment.

6. Wooden Table And Chairs


Wooden furniture is one of the main things if you want to create an environmentally friendly home. Place a set of wooden furniture as a dining table or workspace, you can also choose a wooden floor with a brick wall motif.

7. Modern Chairs


Who says sustainable design is only suitable for classic-style interiors? This chair design is not only sustainable, but also looks beautiful in a modern interior. Combining elements of wood and luxurious foam, this contrasting design feels comfortable for a modern style.

8. Rattan Furniture


It doesn’t have to be made of wood, as another alternative you can choose rattan furniture that has good durability. Rattan is one of the most sought after furniture after wood. The aesthetic design gives a unique impression to the room.

9. Classic Style


For fans of classic interiors, sustainable furniture is the right choice for you. From vintage wood dressers to decorative wall mounts, this style is timeless.

10. Natural Furniture


There is nothing better than furniture with natural shades. You can easily create an eco-friendly home with this furniture set, from wicker chairs to aesthetic-style coffee tables, don’t forget the rattan chandelier adds to the beauty.

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