December 1, 2022

10 Trendy Dog Wash Stations We Are Dreamy

Every dog owner always tries to care for and take care of their beloved dog, including in terms of cleanliness. No doubt had a dog washing station at home is the dream of every owner of a dog, a special room where your dog will always be clean after playing in the mud instead of having to make your bathtub was dirty and unkempt.

If you are currently planning to renovate your home, whether adding a new room or setting up all kinds of new entrances, maybe this is the time to consider building a trendy dog washing station. They will not only be an essential part of your home but also a favorite place for your beloved dog. In the following I’ve rounded up 10 of our favorite dog washing station ideas on Pinterest, let’s check them out!

1. Small areas can look fabulous thanks to the cool black tile accents on the floor and walls. There is an houseplant near a window that continues to grow, creating the impression of a natural and cool.


2. I always love pink! Somehow it looks adorable, and this dog washing station made our dream come true.


3. A relaxing area in the corner of the room can be built a favorite dog washing station. The neutral brick wall accent looks chic with the bench set in gray tones.


4. Every area of the house can be turned into a stylish dog washing station, even a small corner in the kitchen area can be matched with white tiles with a minimalist nuance.


5. Don’t be afraid to play with colors, mix several colors at once to create a bright look that is refreshing to your dog washing station.


6. Want a different atmosphere for a dog station? Take advantage of the area between indoor and outdoor that is more refreshing.


7. The dog washing can actually look elegant with an open concept. This arrangement allows you to place several other furniture such as shelves and sinks.


8. The entryway is the best area for a dog wash. This area is the first place before your dog enters the house.


9. Create a soothing blue atmosphere by using blue accents in almost all parts, from tiles to wallpaper.


10. Shades of white gives a beautiful minimalist look. The bright dog washing station stands out against the black and white themed dog photo.


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