December 10, 2022

The Melt: Aesthetic And Immersive Furniture By Bower Studio

The Melt is one of the newest furniture collections that allows lines to express themselves with elegance and poetry. Designed by Bower Studio, this time in collaboration with 3D artist, Alexis Christodoulou, who invites us to live a unique aesthetic and immersive experience. Through digital journey, label design of New York would like to share with our domestic world, where the lines of real and amazing finishes met with elegance and modernity.

Wrapped by a clever play of contrasts between the superb blend of form and the quality of the materials used, this collection makes it possible to push the boundaries that compose a series of releasing sculptural works.

These lines are accentuated to offer a surreal silhouette in slow, comfortable motion. Gives the opportunity to mingle in the art of illusion of life and thinking of new ways to thrive in it. The Melt is a series of beautiful collectibles that try to go beyond the normal boundaries.

source: milkdecoration

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