34 Fun DIY Dog Rooms For Narrow Space

For all animal lovers, dogs are not just pets. They have become part of a beloved family members where we will always maintain, cherish and care should family members in general. I’m sure every dog owner wants the best for them, from nutritious food, health care, to a decent and comfortable home for your furry friend. No matter how cramped your room is or even if you really don’t have room to share, the dog room should be the best place to clean, pamper and meet all your dog’s needs. Instead of having to spend a lot of budget, to have to spend a lot of space in your home. Why don’t you make your own DIY dog room as a play area and a perfect nap for them.

The best solution is to make the room doubles as a response to the narrow space. Take advantage of every inch of space available by building a dog room that contains a cabinet and rack unit to meet all your dog’s storage needs. Even if it’s narrow, make your dog’s room meet several aspects that support comfort such as feeding stations, beds, bathrooms, and playrooms in the same room. You can also take advantage of old furniture and turn it into a functional dog bed, with a little creativity this dog furniture will be a great decoration for any space. With so many dog room designs available, ranging from wood, black and white, built-in, to in an unexpected area. Here are 34 fun DIY dog spaces for cramped spaces that will make you love your pet more. And I’m sure your furry friend will also loving family because they knew that he was appreciated, so it will create a perfect bond between you and your pet dog.


































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